About the Expo

Finely crafted beer events.

The 2nd Annual Capital Ale House National Beer Expo (NBE), in partnership with All About Beer Magazine, the nation's premier craft beer magazine for craft beer enthusiasts, is a national destination craft beer and food event, which offers an extraordinary opportunity to taste hundreds of artisan-made craft beers from Virginia and the U.S.  From July 16-18 breweries and brewmasters from across the country will gather in Richmond to showcase over 200 of today's best craft beers.  Over a dozen events will give attendees numerous opportunities to taste craft beer while enjoying Richmond's culinary, brewing, and cultural excellence.

Craft Beer


Set in the middle of summer during Virginia’s rich harvest season, the National Beer Expo reflects the changing landscape of America’s beer industry. This premier event reflects the continuing drive on the part of America’s craft brewing entrepreneurs to make unique beers that offer extraordinary flavors and complexity and that taste good either on their own or with great food. Thus, the Expo offers premium experiences that explore the astounding quality of American craft beer and how those beers pair with a wide range of gourmet, farm-to-table, seasonal and ethnic cuisines.  

An Inspired Event

The Expo is intended to enlighten, educate and enrich both the palate and the intellect, whether the attendee be a novice craft beer drinker, foodie, home-brewer or aspiring “pro” brewer.

The founders believe that exceptional craft beer should be held in the same high regard as great wine, bourbon, scotch, or other premium beverages. This requires an event focused on high quality experiences allowing participants to enjoy and learn about fine craft beer free from the crush of large crowds, loud music, bad weather, and lousy food.

At the NBE, you’ll have an opportunity to meet some of the brewers behind America’s emergence as the greatest brewing nation in the world. You’ll learn - and taste - why Virginia has emerged as one of America’s hottest brewing destinations. And, you’ll understand why the Richmond region - almost overnight - has become a major foodie and brewing mecca.

Join us in Richmond at the Walk-Around Grand Tasting, Taco Throwdown, the NBE Kickoff Party, RVA Brewery Parties and other events to experience the new world of American craft beer.

General Info

Multiple Events

The NBE is a collection of events happening in and around Richmond, VA from July 16-18. Attendees can purchase tickets to individual events or select from various combo packages allowing for the purchase of tickets to multiple events while saving money.

The main event of the week will be the Walk-Around Grand Tasting on Saturday, July 18 at the Greater Richmond Convention Center, which will feature over 160 craft beers from around the country.


Tickets go on sale April 19, 2015. Buy your tickets online in advance to save money and secure your spot. Each event will have a strict limit on the number of tickets available to ensure a high-quality experience. We will update the specific event page if the event sells out.

If you buy tickets at NationalBeerExpo.com, you may use MasterCard, Discover, Visa, and American Express.

Tickets will be sold in advance until the day before the event unless the event sells out. If there is not a sell-out in advance, tickets will be sold to the Taco Throwdown and the Walk-Around Grand Tasting at the Ticket Office on the ground floor, next to the main entrance to Exhibit Hall A in the Greater Richmond Convention Center during the following hours:

Friday, July 17, 4:00 p.m. – 8:30 p.m..

Saturday, July 18, 10:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.

If you buy your ticket in advance, please print your ticket and keep it in a secure place. This ticket must be brought to the event, where it will be scanned at the event entrance by our volunteers. If you lose your ticket, please contact Variant Events and let us know. We will work with Eventbrite, our ticket-provider, to get you a new ticket.

Tickets are not refundable and may not be exchanged. You may give your ticket to someone else to use, even though your name is on it, as long as the person in possession of the ticket is 21 years old or older.

Event Venues and Weather

Except for the NBE Kickoff Party, all events are held indoors. Thus, you won’t have to worry about bad weather, including searing heat or rain.


If you want to volunteer for the National Beer Expo, please contact LINC, the Legal Information Network for Cancer, at 804-272-5462.

Sponsorship, Press, and Exhibitors

Please contact Alex Papajohn at apapajohn@VariantEvents.com.

Age and Kids

Individuals under the age of 21 are not permitted into any events where beer is being consumed. You must bring a valid ID to the event to be admitted.

Dress Code

The dress code is whatever you are comfortable wearing; it's summertime!

Event Tips

Although you will have an opportunity to taste over a hundred fifty beers, we do not recommend you swallow every drop poured in your glass.

We encourage you to master the art of swirling beer in your mouth and then spitting some or all of it out. Spitting is not considered bad manners at the National Beer Expo. In fact, we encourage it. If you can’t bring yourself to spit, then limit the amount of beer you sip and pour out the rest of your glass.

Pace yourself. You are not in a race. Take your time as you make your way through the Grand Tasting. And feel free to partake in free water to cleanse your palate.

Be Responsible

Please make plans if you are not able to drive. Reserve a hotel room at one of our partner hotels, take a taxi, or find a designated driver. Taxi and bus information is available on our site, and we will have taxi information at the Grand Tasting.


There will be numerous specialty food vendors sampling food, but the samples will not be nearly enough for a meal. However, full meals will be available for sale in the convention center, which may be enjoyed, along with beer, in the Beer Garden. If you get hungry during the event, meal-size portions of food will be available for sale.

Purchasing Beer and Wine

In addition to sampling beer, full glasses of beer can be purchased at CRAFT, Taco Throwdown, and the Walk-Around Grand Tastings by the glass for on-site consumption only. Beer cannot be purchased to go, per ABC laws.  

If you are with someone who enjoys wine more than beer, select Virginia wineries will be offering samples of wine and selling wine by the glass and bottle. (Bottles of wine may be purchased to go, or to be opened at the Grand Tasting.)

At the Walk-Around Grand Tasting, the privilege to sample or buy beer or wine from exhibitors will end fifteen minutes before the closing time for the event.  


Smokers will be permitted to use a special outdoor designated area in the loading dock, located adjacent to the Exhibition Hall, to smoke. This area will be highlighted on the Event Program and Map, which will be distributed to attendees when they enter the Exhibition Hall for the Walk-Around Grand Tasting.



Ticket holders are not permitted to bring any food or beverages into the Greater Richmond Convention Center during the Grand Tasting or any other ticketed events. Complimentary water will be available at the Grand Tasting.

Pets are not permitted at the event.

Tasting Tips

Cologne, Hairspray, Aftershave, and Perfume

Please refrain from wearing strong perfume, lotion, hairspray, aftershave or colognes because their scent can interfere with the bouquet of the beer. This detracts from the tasting experience of our guests.

Busy and Mellow Tasting Sessions

The busiest tasting session is the Walk-Around Grand Tasting held on Saturday. The Saturday tasting is perfect for you if you enjoy moderate crowds and have some patience when you walk up to a brewery to taste beer.

CRAFT, a farm-to-table craft beer and food pairing experience, will definitely be mellower than the Saturday Walk-Around Grand Tasting.  You’ll not only taste numerous limited release beers at CRAFT, but you’ll also do so in a more serene setting with fewer people in attendance.

Charity Benefactor

A portion of the proceeds from all Variant Events goes to supporting a non-profit that is making a positive impact in our community. A portion of the National Beer Expo proceeds will be donated to LINC (the Legal Network for Cancer).

LINC - the Legal Information Network for Cancer

The Legal Information Network for Cancer (LINC) is dedicated to helping cancer patients and their families with their legal and financial needs. Serving the Greater Richmond community, LINC provides information, education and referral services for legal, financial, and community resources to individuals confronted with the overwhelming issues that arise from the diagnosis and treatment of cancer.  LINC's vision is that no cancer patient goes without needed support services.

LINC's network of over 150 volunteer attorneys and financial advisors assist cancer patients with such services as estate planning, bankruptcy, foreclosure, uncontested guardianship, Medicare/Medicaid, and Social Security, Disability, and insurance denials. For every dollar donated, a LINC client receives eight dollars' worth of free services.

LINC is the only non-profit in Greater Richmond that offers these services to cancer patients. Diagnosis of cancer means so much more than a medical battle. We feel no one should have to face cancer alone.